Water-Wise It™

Water-Wise It™ is a website dedicated to teaching you how to take your existing landscape and decreasing the amount of water you apply by Water-Wising It.

Water is a precious natural resource and managing our use of water is becoming increasingly necessary.  In the Intermountain Region we have  become very conscious about how much water we use in our landscapes during periods of drought.  But during years where natural precipitation is plentiful we tend to relax a bit and return to wasteful practices.

The amount of water that you use on your lawn, landscape, and inside your home can be dramatically reduced by following correct maintenance practices.  Small adjustments to landscaping can create huge water savings.  And using technology to monitor and control your water use is an effective way to further decrease your water footprint.

The information on this website applies specifically to cool season landscapes (landscapes suited for widely differing temperatures from Winter to Summer), but the principles extend to most plants.  Adjustments to maintenance practices, building a deep root system, and reading your landscape and adjusting maintenance according to observation are practices that apply to all types of landscapes.

It is easy to Water-Wise your Home and Landscape.  First choose whether you want to Water-Wise your Lawn, Landscape or Technology.  After reading through the topics for each section make a plan and start minimizing the amount of water you use.  If you have questions after exploring the topics please contact us and we will help you figure out ways to Water-Wise It™.